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Vegetarian Gourmet Party For New House Warming Ceremony with Kitchen Of India

Have you remember a scene from the movie of Jodha Akbar?
Where a typical vegetarian meal was serving at the Royal Court (Darbar) of Akbar with over 100 items.
In Tradition this meal is called Thali. Here thali represents a round platter with small bowls of food items. In Mughal period Gourmet Thali was like that.
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Nowadays when we are celebrating any party basically it contains mix and match of Indian recipe and International recipes . But I like to celebrate traditional foods with a combination of condiments,salad, snacks,raita, dal,curries,rice/bread,sweets/dessert,drinks. So here is no exception when I am going to celebrate party for my House Warming Ceremony.
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It was my dream to celebrate gourmet party in Traditional way for my New Home Griha Prabesh. All in above it should have to celebrate in Auspicious Day at an auspicious time. The main door will be decorated with an Indian Wall Hanging called a Toran. To give more traditional look I will prefer color full decoration with Flowers , Rangoli decoration to every where in my houses. Frame of Mural architects arts, fragrance of sandal wood incense sticks, twinkling of bamboo lamps will be brightening my Griha Prabesh Occasion.

In puja room a statue of Hindu God Ganesha will be placed and worshiped with traditional rituals . Throughout the day Gayatri Mantra chanting will sprinkle purity of the holy ceremony.

But a good foods will say the last words in this ceremony. All my close friends and guests (around 30 incl' 6 children )will be invited on this day. Dining hall will be decorating with some village art wall frames,one bamboo mat will be placed on the floor to serve vegetarian Thali /Platter in Traditional way. There should be an Authentic and Royal touch in the Menus for that reason I selected exotic Gourmet Products from Kitchen Of India.It should be exclusive 100% vegetarian recipes from Kitchen Of India. My selected special menus are -

  • Vegetable Biriyani : It is rich,spiced and authentic flavored  Biriyani mix. To prepare Vegetable Biriyani I choose Biriyani Mix from Kitchen Of India. For 30 people 5 kg Basmati Rice and vegetables will be mixing with 7 pack of Vegetable Biriyani Mix .
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  • Paneer Darbari : Fresh and soft paneer cubes simmered in rich tomato gravy which reminds an authentic Gharana flavor of  ancient Indian culinary period. Each pack serves 3 people so I need almost 10 packets of Paneer Darbari for 30 people.
kitchen of India
  • Mirch ka Salan : An Awadhi dish which is delectable with slow cooking or Dum Pukht cuisine. This dish specifically made from divine green chillies exquisitely cooked in thick roasted dry fruits and spiced gravy. Here also one packet is serving for 3 people so 10 packets of Mirch ka Salan will be  perfect for 30 people.
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  • Mango Jeera Chutney : A Condiment flavored with raw mango and cumin seeds gives a marvelous traditional touch if serves with any meal. So this Mango Jeera Chutney will tingle the taste buds of each guest for sure.Here 2 jars are enough I think.
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  • Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa : Without dessert nothing is perfect so Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa will be my choice. An authentic and traditional  Rajasthani dessert  made from moong dal simmered in milk and garnished with almonds and saffrons.Each packet serves 3 so 10 packets I need almost to serve 30 people.
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  • Plain Mineral Water : Traditional cool mineral water will be serving along with the Thali to quench thirst. 20 ltr of 2 cans are enough for that.
Now over to the cost of this platter of this menus , 

Vegetables Biriyani : Rs.40*7 packets = Rs.280
Paneer Darbari : Rs.100*10 packets = Rs.1000
Mirch Ka Salan : Rs.95*10 packets = Rs.950
Mango Jeera Chutney Rs.80*2 jars = Rs.160
Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa Rs.110*10 = Rs. 1100
Mineral Water Rs.70*2 = Rs. 140

So total cost = Rs.3630 only. This is just unbelievable I think.Thanks to Kitchen Of India for this authentic traditional collections within such nominal prices. 

Overall I believe my guests will enjoy this Authentic Aromatic Traditional Touched foods thoroughly. Wish my Gourmet Party will be in Grand Success for New House Warming Ceremony .

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Shobha said...

All the best !
Wishing you success always !!

Manav Singhi said...

Very Nice Post. . . :)

Priya Anandakumar said...

Congrats on your new house, and lovely selection of menu. Wish you all the very best on your graha pravesh...

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

interesting post, Nabanitha. and......and ..don't forget to drop by "pick quicks" if you wanna have some hearty laugh !

Nava K said...

That mango jeera chutney is my fav and love it so much.



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