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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Monday, December 6, 2021

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021


 How to Prepare Homely Chowmein: Watch                                        Video 



Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Gobi /Cauliflower  Manchurian


Monday, July 12, 2021

A Cloudy day ..... and when you feel , monsoon is coming to knock on the door !! Everywhere a pin dropped silence and you have very less works or you have finished your works...... simply trying to guess whether there is a chance of raining in the afternoon or tonight !! Absurd thoughts !! Sometimes l feel like this .... 

Now see , trying to recall one of the best moments in my happiest day, though there are many from monsoon season.... but if you ask me about my favourite season , I would say summer...... unforgettable remembrances are there from my childhood ....... which I should never forget ......... and when summer finishes monsoon comes with lots of pledges ....... like there would be atleast one whole day raining ..... there would be one expected rainy day or there would be one shining day after a whole rainy day or that won't be too ...... anyways but I like always rain at night only ....... sometimes windy, thunderstorm but it should not sound so scary  or stormy colourful sky before or after raining also attracts me to write something or to listen of my choicest songs from my collected song lists ofcourse ...... And with this ambience who wouldn't love to take a favourite snacks with a cup of Tea ...... so here is my recipe which is related to monsoon snacks ...... get ready to check the recipe to Welcome monsoon to make Pleasantful always ..........


Saturday, June 26, 2021

Good Afternoon To all my Visitors . Oh atlast its Saturday !! Just keep on waiting for this day !! No work at all . Just try to spend some relaxing time!! My weekdays go so busy , dont get time to relax much ...... Finally  Friday arrives to increase our energy levels to get rid of from all tiredness  ...... 

Okay let's talk about  today's recipe. Simple , Tempting and Traditional . One of my favourite recipe which goes very well with Plain rice ,Dal , & Sabzi . A traditional quick recipe from my Aunt's kitchen . She used to prepare this one but with lunch menu . But there is no restriction you can prepare for dinner also .... digestive as well healthy accompaniments. A dish with Papad . There is many like Papad Ki Salads and Papad Curry or Papad ki Sabzi which is  much awaiting recipe in my recipe collection . Nevertheless if you ask me about today's choice , it's going to be Papad Ki Salads ...... 

As per nutritional value Papad is basically hard to digest itself but it helps to digest foods so quickly , that is why it is always served with heavy meal like lunch or dinner . But how it will be if it is served with a mixture of salads . My say is "Just Awesome " . No dont get confused it's not my recipe , got the recipe from one of my Aunt who was from Rajasthan !! She usually served Papad in this way with Thali , without doing any comparison I can bet you will love this Papad Salads . Okay no more GOURCHONDRIKA means come to the points and take a look on recipe ........


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Traditional Bengali Recipe. We Bengali are always fond of authentic taste of Bengal's cuisine. There are some vegetables which are not taste in good at all but we bengali still love those vegetables despite it's not likeable taste . Like bitter gourd , its bitterness brings goodness sometimes !! As per nutritional value it is healthy also !! 

We bengali believe in such variety of thought or proverb that - start with bitterness and end with sweetness . Quite true . That is why in our bengali culture inspite of bitter taste bitter gourd has a great value and in our bengali thali as a starter with rice fried bitter gourd or Sukto or Mixed veg gravy which I am going to share today will be there too in any auspicious occasion also.

And one more thing I had followed up that whenever you are suffering from fever and you are just feeling tasteless , try some food containing bitter gourd to enhance your taste buds . It works just as medicine !! 

There are lot of special cuisine in Bengal which are rich in bitter gourd , Another recipe which I like most that bittery lentils with bottle gourd . Some day I will share that recipe too .  Today take a look over the recipe of Sukto or Mixed Veg Gravy ........ 


Monday, June 21, 2021

It's almost lunch time !! Today going to share one more Thali as per my choice !! Though it is not from any specific regional at all ..... but much Healthy and Tasty Thali if you ask me about !! My suggestion will be this mini Thali which takes very less time to prepare by keeping its nutritional values intact . But it must be a lunch option as it contains Shawrsho/ Sarson Saag (Mustard Green Leaves) . 

Other menu like Palak Dal recipe you will get through clicking on link .... and there is no doubt about the nutritional value of Palak/Spinach which I have mentioned before ...... and about taste ,without any  compromising , I can say you never loose the chance to prepare again...... 

There are many recipes of shawrsho / sarson saag from Punjab region , they usually consider this saag as a sabji and have this with chapathi . But here I am not following punjabi version , My recipe goes with rice perfectly . So let's take a look over the recipe ..... 

Here is the whole menu for you ......


Saturday, June 19, 2021

 A late Night Post ! Sometimes you bound to post at mid - night also, Am I right ! When you have a lot of work pressures and you cant continue your passion , You have to wait for late night post also to respect your passion !But I like late night post as Outside is too quiet , a perfect time for your passions like writing , reading and sometimes sketching or painting !! Usually love to watch movie also in weekends with my Son, but tonight somehow could not manage too watch movie so thought how it would be if like to share one special post like Thali with few variety !!

A short cut meal which is much needed whenever you feel tired but at the same time you need some tasty and delicious foods . So here I am to share with you one mini meal which takes very less time to prepare but your taste buds cannot resist to have it once you prepare Thali. Though this is not from any specific region , but I am sure you will love this ...... Enough introduction , now time to share Thali menu which include -----------------------------

  • Plain Rice with Basmati 
  • Dal Fry 
  • French Fry Salads 
  • Fish Kabab 
  • Curds or Raita 


Sunday, June 13, 2021


Everyone tonight I am excited very much ..... as going to share one of my most desired recipe in my blog, but if you ask me , choices could be a challenge for myself there is huge variations of my culinary experiments which are my all time favourite , and muffin was one of them ....... finally successful to share with you recipe of home made muffins ! Though more have to come in future, but this is special as first time done by me ....... 

Waiting for a long time ....... this Chocolate Muffin is too kid friendly or as a tea time snacks that nobody can resist from this ...... I may conclude that this would become my regular menu fav also ....... feelling wonder !! You are right , you can store these muffins for a few days ......

Spongy, soft , choco chips enhanced flavour make you delighted once you take a bite of this muffins ....... I Can say just a word " Delicious " .....

So friends here is my recipe of Chocolate Muffins ...... 
Keep visiting my blog for more recipes ..... 


Sunday, May 30, 2021

 Hi Friends ,

Till date I have posted many traditional sweets & desserts recipes in my blog . There are lot of varieties which you can try in many ways like traditional or fusion. As time changes , we always make ourselves up to date for everything , if it is about foods , there is no exception at all . I tried many traditional recipes as well fusion also . Many days I thought to share Our Traditional Bengali Dessert or Sweet like Steamed Sweet Curds or Bhapa Dahi , but never got the chance to share with you, at last here is the post on Bhapa Dahi. 

Sweet Curds in Bengal had a great value still it is there though , but nowadays ice - cream brought a huge parameter in place of dahi . Any auspicious occasions could not be thinkable without Sweet Curds , whether it is any ceremony or some kind of typical Sanskar Dahi was the first preference . Early days Dahi was served at shop in an earthen pot , covered with shaal (a tree )leaf , which had a real authentic essence of purity and overall there was a traditional touch of Rich Bengali culture too .... as there was no discrimination of serving ideas whether it is a big sweet shop or small sweet shop . Later on it was covered with butter paper now completely serving in a plastic/fibre  pack ! Before sweet curds was not available all over the India , people from other states whenever used to visit Bengal , never forgot to have Sweet curds, this much popularity or craziness was there for Bengal Famous Sweet Curds . Heard lot of stories over sweet curds from Parents as well Grand Parents. Lots of childhood memorable memories comes to minds while sitting simply . We know time flies ...... changes will be there too .

Now see I forgot about the recipe sharing ....... one more thing as nowadays we all Micro Oven at out home ,sharing Micro-Oven Method , you can try in Pressure cooker also , in that case just steam for 5 mins, before whistling off the stove. okay no more talking , Here is my Steamed Sweet Curds recipe for you all ........  Take a look 

Preparation Time : Depends 

Cooking Time :  Within 1 min

Ingredients :

Full Fat Milk 2 Cups 

Curds 1 tbsp 

Condensed Milk 2 Cups 

Corn Flour 1 tbsp 

Green Cardamoms Powder 2 pinches 

Saffron 5 , 6 threads 

How to Make :

  • Mix 1 tbsp curd with 2 cups milk in a bowl.
  • Preheat Micro oven at 200 degree c for 10 mins.
  • Keep the bowl inside micro oven for whole night .
  • Next day refrigerate the bowl for half an hour to set the curds.
  • To make steamed curds , now pour condensed milk and mix corn flour into homemade curds.
  • Whisk for 4 , 5 minutes .
  • Pour into microwave safe cups / bowl / earthen pots / china bowl .
  • Microwave for 40 seconds .
  • Sprinkle cardamoms powders and saffrons .
  • Refrigerate & Serve .


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Hi Everyone , think you are simply sitting at home , no work burdens at all ,enjoying free time in the afternoon ! And of course you are a good cook . What you will do first,I mean what you need actually !! For me A Good Story Book , A Cup Of Tea & a Snacks which accompanies the Tea perfectly ! Now what will be my choice of Snacks here , If I start to name those , a through list will come in my mind , but at the same time I need to remember , a short cut recipe will be a great choice for me here ! So that the moments I will rush to the kitchen and will check out which ingredients are left in my pantry , based on those I should try out ..... and thinking over few of them I should use those ingredients for my Tea time Snacks , Few means Few !! Only 4 or 6 items as well within 10 to 15 mins will take to finish the whole process I must say ! 

These moments came to me many times and I did the same !! Today's recipe which I am going to share with you , prepared so many times but never got the chance to share with you !! As thinking As sharing !! 

Paneer is such an ingredients which most of the people like !! And easily available at shop as well in your pantry I think !! Combination of Paneer and Few spices can beat any kind of Restaurant or International cuisine !! Now lets the share enjoyable moments of mine so that you can also try this at your kitchen !! Now over to Recipe !! Take a look  .......


Friday, April 30, 2021

Have you ever tried any recipe with Leftover foods ! There are many ! One of them I am going to share with you today ! It is basically a traditional recipe from Bengal used to prepared in Summer ! When it is too hot during summer , you are just tired to prepare foods everyday , you can try this one . In my childhood My mom used to make this in summer season and we were loving it . Yesterday I had prepared this one and after long days it made me feel like its summer again ! In Bengal it is called Paanta Bhaat, Outside Bengal it may call Cold Porridge . 

Now come to the point, if you have any leftover rice which you made yesterday , you can make this recipe with that leftover rice only ! Just pour some water in it and keep it in refrigerator for few hours ! And I heard few people say if you make it with just prepared hot rice , by pouring cold water in that it is much beneficial as it helps to reduce gastric problem as well. But I had prepared with leftover rice only !

Now sharing the recipe here , must try in this summer ! 




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