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Boneless Chicken Biriyani | Kolkata style Biriyani

Biriyani no one can bet this meal, if it is in the menu. A famous Mughal delicacy which is very familiar in the whole world. Though it has different tastes in various states and various countries. Still it gets its own identity for Traditional cuisine. You may hear about Lucknow Biriyani, Hyderabadi Biriyani, and Kolkata Biriyani by name. But if you consider the ingredients , preparation method , tastes and time for each, they are very much different too. So it can not be said that whats the origin of Biriyani. 
The word 'Biriyani' is derived from the Persian language. One of the theory is it comes from 'brinj' , which means rice and another theory , it came from the word 'beriyan' , which means fry or roast. Whatever may be origin . It is just awesome in taste and flavor I can say.
Friends I would like to share with you the recipe from kolkata one. Kolkata Biriyani , my all time favorite choice. If you look at the ingredients here , you will find some special items too like Mughalai Meetha Atar(Badsahi Scent), Rose water which are must to use in kolkata style Biriyani. Some people are liked to use Kewra water too, but i do not like to use it. My biriyani method and ingredients are very small easy,quick and less spicy too. You can easily digest it. That is why I like to have Amenia Biriyani (a famous Restaurant in Kolkata ) which is digestive and flavorful too. So friends try this biriyani recipe in house. One more thing usually in biriyani big size chicken or mutton pieces are used but for the first time I tried it with boneless chicken as it is very quick to prepare. You prepare of your choice.

Ingredients :

500 gm Basmati rice (soaked for 1/2 hour)
300 gm Boneless Chicken pcs
3 Potatoes Cuts into half
2 Bay leaves
5-6 Cloves
3 Cinnamon sticks
4-5 Green Cardamoms
1 Javitri Crust
1/2 Cup Dalda
4-5 Saffron flakes soak into 3 tbsp rose water
2-3 Drops Meetha Atar
salt to taste

To Roast and Grind :

5 Cinnamon sticks 
3 Green Cardamoms
4 Cloves
4-5 Pepper
4-5 Kabab Chini
1 Javitri 

To  Marinate chicken :

1/2 Cup Curd
2 Medium size onion (boiled & paste)
3-4 inch Ginger  (boiled & paste)
10 Garlic cloves  (boiled & paste)
4 tbsp Rose water
2 drops Meeta Atar (edible mughlai scent )
1 tsp Grinding powder

How to Cook :
  • Marinate Chicken with marinating ingredients for 1 hr.
  • Cook rice with little salt , crust javitri, bay leaves,cinnamon sticks,green cardamoms,cloves , 2 drops meetha atar, 2 tbsp Rose water to rice.
  • Spread rice to cool.
  • Heat 3 tbsp dalda in a kadai.
  • Fry potatoes with little salt and turmeric powder and keep aside.
  • Add marinated chicken and sprinkle salt and cook until done.
  • Keep aside.
  • Brush dalda in a Biriyani Handi .
  • Arrange 1/2 of the cooked chicken and fried potato in handi.
  • Spread 1/2 of the rice on the chicken .
  • Sprinkle biriyani spices on it and sprinkle little soaked saffron rose water.
  • Again arrange rest of the chicken and rice with the same methods.
  • Sprinkle 2 tbsp dalda on it.
  • Cover with a lid .
  • Keep one tawa on the gas stove.
  • Keep handi on the tawa and a heavy weight on handi.
  • Simmer the gas and cook for 20 mins.
  • Before serve shake handi a little and serve with Raita of your choice.

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