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Ancient Ayurveda for An Immune India

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" Laay Sanjivan Lakhan Jiyaaye |
Shrii Raghubiir Harassi Ur Laaye || "
- Hanuman Chalisa

Meaning of this two lines - You(Shri Hanuman Ji) Brought Sanjivani Herb to save life of Shri Lakshmana. Because of this Shri Rama Embraced you overwhelming feeling of Joy.

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What is Ayurveda ?
According to Hindu mythology , It seems Sanjivani Herb has a magical power , which can cure any malady. Like Sanjivani herb there are so many herbs which are most essential in our human lives.This is called Ayurveda treatment. In the ancient India Ayurveda was the only remedy for any kind of malady. Ayurveda means  "Life Knowledge" . In our Four Veda segments Ayurveda can see either in Rigveda or in the Atharvaveda. 

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Why Ayurveda is necessary?
After the long long periods still Ayurveda has its own significance too. In this modern age Ayurveda does not lost his values to us.  More and more we can say for the current situation we need to depend on Ayurveda more than before. Life is changing , Environment is changing overall Climate is changing. In the mean time Pollution is increasing which is very harmful for our life. At last Dust allergy,Virus and Bacteria attack which are the bad impacts of the lower immune system(Resistant power to protect against infectious diesases)

How immunity works?
I want to explain some basic ideas in my words, i.e. basically a healthy immune body contains more good level bacteria and less bad level bacteria.For us good bacteria creates body resistance and fight with the bad level bacteria always. And bad level bacteria causes diseases only. When our body gets more bad level bacteria than good level bacteria or attacking by some outcome bad level bacteria, it gets illness . So if good level bacteria has great resistance power to fight against bad level bacteria then only somebody can get recover from the illness properly. So it is recommended for us to increase more and more immune power in our body.  

As children are growing so they might have lower immune power. In that case they need much more care than the elder one.

 Some common conditions are here for the children that 
  • They are not eating properly,
  • They are playing with anythings like on the ground,with the sands and water. 
  • They are regularly going to school and playing with those children who are suffering from cold and cough which are infectious too. 
  • They are suffering from many stresses to win the rat race of competitive era. 
But if you are prepared for  exam then why to worry? As we know "Prevention is better than cure" to protect the children we need some healthy solutions. But without using any harmful chemical we easily consider some herbs which is regularly available in the market. Every day we can take much more vegetables to have our foods for life. And all of these consist of some Ayurveda qualities. To make an Immune India we must have to be aware first.

Some Natural tips to increase immune power 
  • Think about your morning drink and i.e. Tea i think ! Do you know Tea is how much beneficial for our Health and heart?
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  • You can add more herbs in your morning tea after adding Tulsi and Ginger as herbs. As because Tulsi and Ginger have more potentiality to fight against cold and cough. If you consider it as an natural herbs then you are not wrong actually. 
  • For children it is just extraordinary prevention from cold and cough to have ginger juice with 1 tsp of honey. Give once in a day when winter and rainy seasons are knocking on the door. 
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  • Garlic is a good source of Vitamin B6. It helps to increase immunity. So keep child healthy give one clove of garlic with honey. It is very helpful about cold and flu in winter season, as garlic produce hits too.
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  • To keep your child heart healthy try another tip , eat one small clove of garlic(raw) regularly.
  • Vasaka Leaf is very helpful to reduce cold and cough too. It is very effective when any congestion arises into chest.
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  • Intake two Glass of Milk everyday.Add one pinch of turmeric powder and ginger juice/powder in warm milk, as turmeric powder helps to reduce throat infection and ginger helps to reduce any congestion in the chest.
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  • Eucalyptus oil is now easily available in the market , in the winter season to take bath use one drop of eucalyptus oil in water .You will be refreshing from cold,cough and tiredness.
  • Intake one glass of fruit juice for everyday.
  • If possible take one edge of lemon everyday, which gives vitamin c as well as increase resistance power in human body.
  • Cleanliness after coming form outside. Wash hands and Legs properly
  • Try to keep clean your house as well as locality. 
  • Try to avoid fast foods and refined foods as they consume calcium from body.
  • For children its a best practice if their bathing water can be stored under sun rays for some times with little Tulsi . Because Sun ray supplies maximum vitamin D to the bathing water and Tulsi will get protect from the viruses too. In that ancient natural way children will get sufficient Vitamin D for their body.
  • To build an immune India, Saving Trees are very relevant too.
And last but not the least Have one teaspoon of Dabur Chyawanprash daily, will make your children definitely healthy. As it contains all examined beneficial herbs which improves 3 times more immunity.
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