Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tomato Soup | Tomato Shorba

Dear all In this evening I am in a mood to share with you a Very Yummy Sip Sip Soup Recipe. Tomato soup a very common in soup but still when you feel very down or cold , It has some value to put you back in your mood. In my family we all are very used to and crazy about this Soup. My son is just a Big Fan of it. Though it can be served in various ways but I always prefer the simple one. A warm sip of soup spoon works just like a revital medicine .I prepared it in Microwave. Its very easy to use in Microwave. So sharing a common Healthy soup recipe from my own version. Hope you all will like it.

Ingredients :

Tomato 2 big sizes.
Garlic Pods 5-6.
Corn flour 1 tbsp.
Salt to taste.
Butter 2 tbsp.
Black Peppercorn 10-12.
Oregano 1 tsp.
Grated Cheese 2 tbsp.
Water 3 soup bowls.

Method :

Blanch Tomatoes,Garlic pods and Peppercorn with little salt in a micro safe bowl for 6-8 min in Microwave mode.
Make Puree of this in a grinder. [Do not drain the excess water]
Strain it with a strainer.
Mix strained puree into excess water and more if you want.
Adjust seasoning.
Add corn flour and mix it well.
Transfer it into a micro safe lid bowl and boil for 6-8 min in micro mode .[check,whether the lid has ventilator to pass the excess steam]
Once done, Serve into 2 soup bowls.
Sprinkle oregano and grated cheese into it.
Sprinkle Butter and serve immediately.

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Unknown said...

would like sip a hot bowl of soup right nw :) looks so yummm dear..

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Would like to sip now, so delicious and yummy soup dear. Not only you, me too a fan of soups.

today's recipe:

Priya Suresh said...

Droolworthy and seriously very tempting soup.

Sahasra Recipes said...

Hot soup bowl for chilled weather. Looks tempting.
Am u r follower. Visit my space in u r free time.
If u follow back, i will be happy.

meenab said...

pinky why does some crazy pop up open when we press comment button

can u pls do smthing about it

coming to recipe so simple yet yummy
u said microwave mode so how high temp do we need to keep

its lovely dish when weather is bit cold

Unknown said...

Yes Meena about Pop up I am not getting ... Ok I will check it!

Coming to recipe, in micro I keep High power i.e. 900 degree c. but stir twice in between.

Unknown said...

Thanks to all of you Dears...



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