Monday, October 1, 2012

Pani-Poori (Kolkata Style)

Hello Dears Yesterday I held a party in my house. It was an evening party with some of my best neighbors. Do you know that actually Which party it was. It was amazing!!! Nothing but Fuchka party.Have you heard Ever? Fuchka is a famous Street food of India. Fuchka somthing different right !!! Actually in Kolkata Pani-Poori  is said by the name of "Fuchka" in Mumbai it is saying Gol-Gappa. It seems Pani-Poori is the popular name in India. And this is also true that in taste this is vary from one state to another state. But I must say you that Kolkata's Fuchka is the one and only taste. I feel. Awesome !!! Awesome !!! Awesome !!! This is the only word I can say. Who are from kolkata (I am not telling about bengali only) means who went to Kolkata and well known about Kolkata's foods. They know very well that Kolkata's Fuchka, Sweets and Biriyani are just Mind blowing. But today my story is about Fuchka or Pani-Poori or Gol-Gappa,whatever you say! What's in a Name? No matters.

As I like the taste of Kolkata's Fuchka,So I am sharing the methods of Kolkata Fuchka. In Kolkata Poori is served with the mixture of mashed spicy potato and spicy tamarind water. And here spices are the main elements of Taste. I will explain you step by step. Follow me. But Only the Poori I bought from the market. I know the recipe of Poori also. But I kept it for another day. Lets find the recipe first...


For Potato Filling :

4-5 boiled potatoes
Desi Chick peas 1 cup
Tamarind juice 2 tbsp
Black/Rock salt to taste
Roasted Coriander powder 2tbsp
Roasted Cumin powder 3tbsp
Red chili powder 1tsp
Boiled Green chili paste 1/2tsp
Chat Masala 3tsp
Roasted Fenugreek seeds 6-7 seeds
Coriander Leaves 1/2 cup(Finely chopped)
Lemon juice 2-3tsp


Mix all the ingredients with boiled mashed potatoes.
Your filling is ready.

For Tamarind Water :

Water 10-12 cups
Tamarind Juice 1 cup
Roasted spices (Cumin,Coriander,Red chili,Fenugreek)
Red chili powder 1tsp
Black/Rock salt to taste
Chat Masala as much you desire.
Coriander leaves finely chopped 1 cup.
Lemon juice 5-6 tsp


Mix all the ingredients with the water.
Your Tamarind water is ready now.

Now Fuchka is also ready to serve.
Serve Fuchka with little mashed potatoes and tamarind water.
Now you are in Kolkata.
Because, You will have the taste of Kolkata Fuchka.


virunthu unna vaanga said...

Hey pinky yummy dear... dont have party for me?
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meenab said...

wow pinky that is awesome dear. i am sure my freinds from kolkatta wud know fuchka this looks so so so yummy.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Vijaya.I will be in your Event obviously.

Unknown said...

Yes Meena... you are right.They will be well known about the fuchka... Its awesome.Thanks Meena for sharing ...

Unknown said...

Yeah Vijaya you are allways Welcome in my party.... Ha ha ha.

Sanoli Ghosh said...

First time here. A wonderful space you have dear. I am very new in blogging world. Katodin phuchka khai ni, dekhe lov samlano jachhe na. Inviting you to visit my space, when you find time.

Hari Chandana P said...

Looks very delicious and inviting.. Yummy :)
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Unknown said...

Thanks Sanoli ... name is very uncommon. Well haa kolkata r baire thakle ja hoy... Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

Thanks Hari Chandana... after a long times you are here again...Welcome you. Thanks for visiting.

Divya A said...

I just love this Pani poori :) Hope u had fun at the party :)
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