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Affiliation Marketing and Making Money

Friends again I am here with some tricks and tips to make money when you are blogging. Today my topic is Affiliation Marketing. Well hope some of you are aware about Affiliation. Nowadays Affiliation marketing is such a technique which becomes really popular in the online business. It is a safe and secure too. 

Steps to Follow for Earning
There are various ways to do with Affiliation.
  • Who are doing Email marketing for  them Affiliation is golden opportunity to earn money online.
  • And who have blog or website they are also making money with this technique. 
  • And it is also a true story that It gives you more than publishers program like CPM or Click on ads, if you apply affiliation in proper ways. Proper ways means it will happen really fast and actively if you have target affiliation program on the right space.
First of all I want to share something about Affiliation. Affiliation is just one marketing policy or technique through which blogger or marketer is providing  traffic to some specific websites and thus helping to sale their products, in return blogger or marketer are earning some commissions or revenue from the seller company.

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So some important Views about Affiliate Program :
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate program is such a marketing program in which traffic generates to the seller websites and in return Publisher earns some revenues or commissions.

  • How it Works ?
First of all you have to be an affiliate partner of the affiliate company. Next the affiliate site will give  you affiliate banners or links to the publishers. Publishers need to put it in their website or blog. That's all. Now if visitors click on this link or banner they will directly enter into the specific website and after buying any product publisher will earn the commission with that prospective selling. To get a membership for affiliation its Free of cost.

  • How many ways are to do Affiliate marketing?

There are basically two ways to do affiliate marketing. 

  1. You can use specific product link or banner as an affiliation.
  2. You can use referral link which can increase advertiser for the seller company,so you can earn from there too.
  • How much I can earn from Affiliation Programs?

Sky is the limit. I can say. But there is something else too, like target visitors will give you money here. As for example : If you put some special promo banner on your blog for a particular item with affiliate link and any visitor found worthy for that particular product and bought that one or something else from that website,then only you made it. 

Great Right?

There are so many Affiliate Programs but I will only suggest those which are really working good for India as well as Outside of India . Try this to Monetize your Blog.

Some of Best Affiliate Programs Network are : Join If You are Interested.

For Digital Product : Commission 10%
For Apparels & Footware  : Commission 8%
For Books : Commission 6%
For Health,Beauty & Babycare : Commission 4%
For Home & Kitchen : Commission 1%

And Many More...To Know more Read FAQ
  • Amazon Associates : They claims "Earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings."
  • : This is another lovely shopping site for Indian People.They have also Affiliate Programs.
  • Commission Junction : Another popular affiliate program for earning revenue online. Here you have to get approval from commission junction itself, Then you have to reapply for the specific advertiser to show their advertisement on your blog or site. Read Why CJ. Sign Up for publisher to Join.
Join & Earn 
So if you want to earn some extra. Let join Affiliate Programs and Make More Revenue.Wishing all the Best to all Of You.


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