Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homemade Biriyani Spices | Kolkata Style Biriyani Masala

Biriyani one of My favorite Rice in the world. But If you buy any Biriyani Masala from any stores. That will give you another taste . But if you want to make Biriyani at home. Then it is the Best. Though Biriyani flavors differ from one state to another state as well as country too, still it has some basic ingredients which are using for any kind of Biriyani. Some ingredients are very common but the taste differ how you are using those and how you are preparing . In taste wise there are several kind Biriyani. Like Hyderabadi biriyani,Andhra Biriyani,Kerala style Biriyani,Mumbai Biriyani,Kolkata style Biriyani.
I love Kolkata style Biriyani very much. It is actually not so much spicy also. So check out the recipe for Kolkata style Biriyani Spice.

Main Ingredients :

2 Cinnamon stick 2 inch.
Cloves 4.
Green cardamom 2.
Dried Rose Petals a Few.

Other Ingredients :

(Mitha) Sweet Perfume 2-3 drops.
Jaafraan /Saffron 5-6 threads.
Kewra Water few drops.
Mawa or Khova 1/2 cup.
Rose Water


Roast the Main ingredients on the Tawa.
Grind into a mixture until  fine powder.
Now Main Biriyani Spices are ready.

Store it into a air tight container. Keep it in a dry cool place(fridge is best to store) to avoid worms.

When rice is on dum, sprinkle ready spices over to the rice with the other ingredients.

For Biriyani Recipe Visit Egg Biriyani

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Shama Nagarajan said...

good one..delicious

Ongoing event:
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pria said...

a lovely masala

Priya Suresh said...

Sounds flavourful,nothing will beat homemade spice powders.

Unknown said...

Homemade is the best. nice flavorful masala

Dipti Joshi said...

Any dish made with Home made masalas always tastes best. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dears...

LaavysKitchen said...

This masala seems to be a must in the kitchen :)



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