Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gulab Jamun

In my favourite sweet dishes Gulab Jamun is the Favourite one.The red gulab jamun is made using milk based dough and rosewater essence.It is deep fried in oil and
soak into sugar syrup to make sweet.Gulab jamun is such a dessert which is used in the major celebration like marriage or any other big occassions.
As I prepare sweet dish/dessert very rare.So this is my first time preparation of gulab Jamun.I was very feared about this but must say it comes very well.And this is only for my hubby as he loves sweet dish very much.And I am Happy too...So ralish this sweet dish at your home too...Here is the recipe for Gulab Jamun.

Ingredients :

3 Cups Milk Powder
1 Cup all purpose flour/Maida
3 Pinch Soda Bi-Carbonate
3 Spoons Ghee
2 Cups Curd
3 tbsp Rawa

Oil to fry

To Make syrup :

Sugar 3 cups
water 3 cups

Cardamom seeds 4-6
Rose water essence 2-3 drops

Method :

To make Syrup :

Put one bowl to make a syrup with water and Sugar.
Add rose essence and Cardamom seeds for adding flavors.
Keep boiling until sticky sticky.


Make a dough with all dough ingredients except oil.
Make it smoothy as much as possible.
Keep it aside for 1 hours.
Make 8-10 balls from it.
Heat oil in a Deep Fry Pan.
Fry the balls in the heat oil until it comes red/brown in color.
Pour into the Syrup.
Make it Cool.
Fridge it before serve.
Gulab Jamun is Ready to serve.

*** You can add little saffrons to make it more flavoured.

Soak all the jamuns to the syrup.
Keep freezing.
Serve cool/hot as you wish.


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Lovely jamoons... They looks soft and have a nice color too...

eshoboshoaahare.blogspot.in said...

Thank u Very much Ramya...

Ann said...

Wow.. you gotta perfect shape!! looks mouth watery. I am still looking for your traditional rasagulla recipe!!

eshoboshoaahare.blogspot.in said...

Thanks again... and of course I will try to make for you...

Divya A said...

Looks so perfect dear :) Love to gobble up some now, can I grab from there :)

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