Friday, May 31, 2013

Event Hosting : Celebrate Father's Day (For The Month Of June)

Hello to all my Friends. Here is an announcement of Lovely event hosting from Jagruti' Cooking Odyssey (JCO). She belongs to an Wonderful blog name Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey . She is an active blogger with nice collections of unique recipes. I love her blog very much. And of course I am very proud to be a host for her Event "Celebrate - Love You Dad". Thanks Jagruti to give me this opportunity.

Celebrate-Love You Dad
As you know , we are celebrating 16th June as Father's Day in every year. So this is the time to show your love to Your Dearest Father. "We always say I love my Mom very much. My mom is Best." But somehow we forget to give our respect and love to our Dad. Though its true we love our Dad from our heart core definitely but we cannot express it lively.-  So this is a chance for you.

Some Remembering : I remember my childhood whenever my dad was doing late to come from office.. I was waiting for him in the balcony till he was not coming. I remember those days when I am very eager to buy something and my mom was not ready to give it, my dad used to promise me that he will bring it for me for sure and he kept his all promises. In my exam time when i was studying late night,he was sitting with me until i was not going to sleep. Every Saturday he went to temple and bought some surprised gift for Us(me and my sister). Still now my Father is my great Support.... For this blog also. I do Respect and Love to you Dad.
In a sentence , My father is like a Good Human Beings. By nature He is very Cool and Calm. Always positive thinker and Optimistic, Honest and Dedicated to his work (He got many awards for His Honesty and Dedication), A great book lover and you know he is a die heart movie lover too..."I am feeling Lucky to have you Dad :)". Always be like this :-) Pray to God for your Healthy Long Live.

I am going to become Nostalgic...

now over to the simple Event Rules :

  1. Cook any dish Veg/Non-Veg which your Dad likes mostly.
  2. Each entry should have a Link with this page and JCO event announcement page.
  3. Archive entry is allowed if it is linked with this event page as well as linked with JCO event announcement page.
  4. Using logo is mandatory as it spreads the words.
  5. If possible, share something about your beloved Daddy.
  6. Link entry with the linky tool below.
  7. If gets any problem with linky , send entry through Email(nabanitadas81[at]gmail[dot]com) me with following details.
  • Your name :
  • Your Blog name :
  • Recipe Name :
  • Recipe Link :
  • Recipe Image :
So Friends why late ? Come and Celebrate some special recipes for your Loving and Caring  Daddy.

Last but Not the List 
Happy Father's Day 


Nava K said...

Honoring our dads and all their sacrifices is touching, what more on a day allocated for dads. Thanks for the infor and let me see if I can meet the theme.

Mina Joseph said...

HAppy hosting nabanita das.will send my entries soon

Manav Singhi said...

Hi you have a Very Nice Blog. . .
what about we follow each other? let me know :)



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