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Foodie Blogroll + Swoop = Earn More Revenue

Hi Friends I am here today for sharing another Tip for making Money online. Hope you will like it. Before I had one post regarding the partners program between Foodie blogroll and Likelii . And today sharing another partner program from Foodie blogroll itself.This partner program is also very attractive at all. This partner program name is Swoop. Yes Swoop and Foodie Blogroll is another partner program through which you can increase your Earnings too.

Now who are very new to this Blog world. For them I will prefer to read my earlier post i.e. Foodie Blogroll + Likelii = Earn More Revenue. Because for the new bloggers it is mandatory that they have to join first Foodie Blogroll .So How to join Foodie blogroll?  To get this answer Sign Up Here.

Well, do you know about plug-in? 

Plug-in is such a set of components which perform some special action to a larger software application. Exp. If some one is searching for one recipe or ingredients in the web! Plug-in will do some action to help for finding out such recipe or ingredients. And this plug-in is called Recipe Plug-in. Means through this recipe plug-in you are feeding the contents of your blog to Google Search Engine . As a results blogs whose recipe will be discovered by the search engines normally they are getting more Traffics.

But few months back there was no way for bloggers to go with Recipe Plug-ins. There was only chance for Word Press. But technology is updating. Swoop has come to us to give this opportunity. So

What is the benefits from this Swoop?

Yes It is an additional  benefits for Publishers.Follow the information below... I just quoted it from Original Partner Program Copy

"Additional benefits – Monetizing Recipes with Swoop and Foodie Blogroll

  • An additional benefit to using recipe plugins is that you can include valuable content for your readers in your posts and generate extra revenue, through the Swoop program tag activated by the Foodie Blogroll Widget.

For example, looking at a recipe with butter in it, Swoop might offer a coupon for organic butter to your readers interested in a more natural lifestyle or some educational content about butter substitutes high in Omega 3 to readers interested in lowering cholesterol.

  • Just like the search engines, Swoop can discover exactly what the ingredients are in your recipes and show your readers the most valuable offers available. "

Important Note : If you are a Blogspot Bloggers then Then you can not use Recipe Plug-in Directly. In that case you have to use RecipeSEO online application

First Of all You have To complete this task.

To Enroll Swoop Account :(This is one time task)

  • Log into your Foodie blogroll account.
  • On the right hand side of the account one "sky color box" will be there written "Partner Program". (see the pic below) 
  • Under that heading Click on settings.
  • Then click on the Enroll button.
  • You will be enrolled into swoop program.
  • From there you can opt out any time,if you wish so.

To Post Recipe Follow this Instructions Below :(whenever you want to do a new post you have to do it)

  1. Go to RecipeSEO online application.
  2. Type your Ingredients and Instructions.
  3. Click on More option tab if you want to add more info about recipe.
  4. Click on Format Recipe.
  5. One Html code will come 
  6. Copy this html code and put it into your html Blog post area.
  7. Then do your rest of the works as you do and Publish.
  8. Its done.
It is really an Easy task. Still you are getting any problem to enroll you may Contact .

Earnings :

Your Swoop-RON earnings will be visible separately in your Foodie Blogroll account under the site earnings page.

So another way of extra earning from Food  Blog is in your Hand. Grab it now  :) 

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Wishing To all of you "Best Of luck"


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so kind of u dear,giving good suggestions

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so sweet of you dear to give this detailed post...informative post..

Motions and Emotions said...

Thank you for sharing this to new blogger like me.



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