Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bokful Bhaja | Heron Flower Fritters | Pure Vegetarian Bengali Recipe

Bokful or Heron Flower have you ever heard of this vegetable? Its almost available in everywhere . Its a bengali famous fritters which they are serving usually with ghee rice or dal rice. In Bengali it is called Bok which means Heron, as its white and look like a Heron . It is very crispy and tasty to have. Me and my family are very fond of it too! It is an easy and quick recipe. Even in Bangalore I found this flower too. So try this crispy recipe once and I am sure you will love it.

Bok Ful Bhaja | Heron Flower Fritters
I have given a image of raw bokful so that you can identify clearly . With respect to bokful there is one more variety which Bengalis are usually love to have that is Kumro ful or Pumpkin Flower . It is in yellow color. Its my promise if I get pumpkin flower here too then I will share the recipe over here ! Try this traditional Bengali fritter you will fall in love !

Raw Bok Ful | raw Heron Flowers

Ingredients : 

8 Raw Bok Ful / Heron Flowers
Refined oil for Frying

Batter Ingredients :

4 tbsp Besan / Gram Flour
1 tbsp Corn Flour/ Maida
2 tbsp Rice Flour
1 tbsp Poppy Seeds
3/4 Turmeric Powder
1/2 tsp Onion Seeds
3/4 Red Chili Powder
1 pinch asafoetida
Salt to taste

How to Cook :

Mix all batter ingredients in a bowl.
Add little water to make slight thick batter.
Heat oil in a deep frying Pan.
Dip flower in the gram batter .
Deep fry for a while until it golden color.
Put on tissue paper to soak excess oil.
Serve immediately with steamed rice and dal.
Another option Khichdi goes very well with this fritters .

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