Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mexican Rice

Dear Friends If we Think about any Occasion or Party in our Home. It is something very special that We have to think about the Menus for Lunch or Dinner. You never let it go just like kidding. You have to prepare some varieties in your kitchen definitely. Because something special and different makes your guest Happy and Surprised too. And in opposite you are getting a smiley face so you are Happy.Because Smile brings Happiness.

So Today in my Rice category I am adding some special item. But as the menu is like international,so I am putting it in another Label called International Cuisine. Basically if you say about Mexican foods, you will notice that its very colorful and spicy dishes after all. So in this case I tried it to make colorful. I mean to say only the ingredients would made my dish colorful as there I had to use much sauce elements . Today I am sharing with you How to prepare Mexican Rice at all? Mexican rice,a colorful rice and its flavor is also little different as its ingredients are different from our regular ingredients. A combination of Sauce,Vegetables and Dry Mixed Herbs are main ingredients of this recipe.Friends I tried this one in Microwave. And it came  out well as I desired. So I am sharing this recipe that How I made? If you want you can try it in Gas Stove. Its easy to prepare. Now check it...


Rice cleaned and Soaked for 1 hour (I used Boiled Rice) 2cups
Onion Chopped 2 finely
Garlic Chopped 2 tbsp
Red Chilli Flakes (soak in little warm water then grind it) 1tsp
Olive oil 2-3tbsp
Ready Pasta Sauce 3/4 cup
Vegetables Stock 2 cups
Green Peas 1 cup
Green Capsicum cut into thin slice 1 cup
Carrots cut into big sliced 1 cup
Dried Mixed Herbs (Origano, Parsley) 2tbsp.
Black pepper 2tsp.
Water 6 cups.
Salt to taste.


In a bowl add Olive oil garlic and onions.Micro for 6-7 mins.
Add Red chilli paste,Pasta sauce and vegetables Stocks and Rice.Mix well.
Add 6 cups water,salt to taste cover and Cook for 20mins.
On 15 mins time elapsed add green peas,Capsicum slice and and Carrots slice.
If rice is almost done add Herbs and black pepper to it.
And cook again for remaining time.
Give 5 mind standing time.
Then remove and serve hot.

*** You can make it more colorful adding Red and Yellow Bell pepper.


Unknown said...


Divya A said...

Must be very yummy!! Will try soon dear :)
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Sanoli Ghosh said...

you made this rice perfectly...looks very delicious........ahha eta ki sunday r special menu?

meenab said...

yummy and colorful and flavorful rice pinky

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Unknown said...

this dish is new to me. thanks for sharing

Asiya Omar said...

Mexican Rice Looks tempting.:)..

Vijesh said...

I feel like tasting this rice, will it be like Biriyani.


yummy recipe..
happy to follow u..
would be glad if u follow back :)

Prathima Rao said...

Delicious & inviting rice!!!!
Prathima Rao
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Jayanthy Kumaran said...

awesome...can't wait to try now..:)
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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot to all of you. I was little late to reply. Forgive me plz. Happy blogging.



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