Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jeera Rice

All over the day and night it is raining.Mansoon Raining is going on.Basically in this rainy day we like to go for the Khichdi.I mean to say it is the season for some hot and warm.Obviously then I would like share with you something different recipes in this week particularly.And You know in this rainy season I want to try only easy and tasty recipe which take very little time to prepare.
So I would like share the most easiest recipe for a meal which is nothing but The Jeera Rice.Its aroma just like heaven and it goes awesome with any type of curries.But mostly I like to taste with some paneer gravy or non-veg curries.To prepare jeera rice I like to use
little ginger paste for adding more flavour.Hope you will like this warm meal for this mansoon season.


2 cups Basmati Rice.
2 tbsp Ghee.
3 tsp Cumin seeds.
1 tsp Ginger paste.
Salt to taste.
1 tsp oil.


Wash rice and soak in 4 cups of water for 1 hrs.
Cook rice with little salt and oil.
Drain excess water after cooking rice.
Heat ghee in a pan,add cumin seeds and ginger paste.
Cook for 1 min.
Add rice and mix gently with required salt.
And cover a lid for sometimes.
Serve warm with your desired curry.


ARUNA said...

Jeera rice.....mmmmm so simple to make yet so tasty!!!! I wud love to have it with Rajma curry!Sometimes to make the rice more flavorful i even use mint and onions!

Renu said...

I make jeera rice without ginger paste...will try it out your way!

Ramya Kiran said...

Jeera rice looks wonderful, just like the one in the restaurants. It'll go wonderfully with my kadai paneer.

Anonymous said...

Only 5 ingredients...easy to make tnx dear...

Indian Khana said...

I like tht your jeera rice having nice white colour..looks so gud

Unknown said...

Goes well with any side dish and great for parties too!

Doloncookbook said...

Hey Pinky ... Nice recipe .... Ami jeera rice a kichu green peas also ...

Anonymous said...

I love the flavour of jeera in almost everything I cook..jeera rice is my fav too..great click of yours..first time here..lovely blog

Vikis Kitchen said...

I like ur version very much. Jeera rice seems so cute. Thanks for the recipe dear.

Unknown said...

Aruna,Renu,Ramaya,Sangi,Priti,Divya, Dolon,Ann,and Vicky Thanks to all of You for your Lovely comments . Suggestion whatever you are given I will follow for the next time surely.Thanks a lot Dears.



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