Monday, December 24, 2012

Pasta In Cheese Sauce

Wishing A Very Happy Christmas To all Of You 
May God Bless To All Of You And Your Family

Now Over To My Recipe

Nowadays if you think some special option for breakfast or something variety from the international cuisine, Pasta or Macaroni is the best idea for kids and all. And it is available in various shapes in the Market. As per your choice you can cook it. Usually pasta do not contain any egg. But you can prepare it in non-veg way too. With some non-veg sausage you can prepare it. But most of the time I prepare it by adding some vegetables as well as prepare different types of sauce like cheese sauce, So today I want to share the recipe of Cheese sauce for pasta. Its very Tasty and Healthy too. And very easy to prepare also. So Check out the recipe ...Hope you will like it.

Ingredients :

Boiled Pasta 4 cups
Milk 3 cups.
Cheese Grated 3 cups.
Butter 1/2 cup.
Salt to taste.
Oregano 4 tbsp.
Dry Parsley 2 tbsp.
Black Pepper crushed 2 tbsp.
Chili Flakes 1 to 2 tbsp
All purpose flour 2 tbsp.
Add Boiled Vegetables as per your choice.

Method :

To make sauce 

Heat 3 tbsp Butter in a pan.
Add crushed pepper.
Add Milk, make it boil.
Add flour,stir continuously.
Add Grated cheese and stir until cheese mix well.
Add salt to taste.
Add oregano,dry parsley,chili flakes Gradually.
It will be little thick in consistency.


Add boiled vegetables.Cook for sometimes.
Mix boiled Pasta and cook for sometimes.
Sprinkle rest of the Butter.
Serve Hot Pasta in Cheese Sauce.


virunthu unna vaanga said...

Happy X'Mas!!!
Kaju/Cashew Flower

meena said...

hi pinky. i was stuck in personal issue thts why no new posts. bt after xmas wd be active. cming to tis i hv almost same dish in ny drafts and its yummy. merry xmas all

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas dear... Love this pasta a lot. Looks so temptinga

Rekha said...

so tempting pasta..looks delicious..



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