Thursday, July 2, 2009

Methi Paratha

Paratha can be called Indian Flat Bread which can be made out of various stuffs like potatoes,vegetables,paneer and masalas or spices.Indian flat Bread or paratha is prepared by kneading wheat flour, after that it is fried with little oil. As there is using such little oil so it is not so oily too.There are various kind of paratha which are different from each other as because of there region or states,like Punjabi paratha,South Indian paratha,Gujrathi Paratha and all...
Paratha can be eaten with pickle and Yoghurt.Basically in bengali paratha is triangular in shape.
In some paratha usually I liked to make Methi paratha and potatoes paratha which are very popular in my family members.But today I want to share with you the Paratha Stuffed with Fenugreek leaves which is called Methi Paratha .There is much more differences of making of Methi paratha. I want to make more spicy at all.Hope you will like it.So here is my recipe for you...check it out...

Ingredients :

Methi Leaves 2 cups(roughly chopped).
Wheat Flour 4 cups.
Cumind seeds 2 tbsp.
Red chili Powder 3tsp.
Turmeric powder 1tsp.
Yoghurt 1 cup.
Salt to taste.
Oil to fry.

Method :

Marinate fenugreek leaves with little salt and tumeric powder to drain out excess water and bitterness for sometimes.
Make a dough with all ingredients including fenugreek leaves.
Make the dough soft as much as possible.
Roll out as you like to size.
Shape it like paratha or roti.
Heat oil in a tawa or frying pan.
Fry paratha until red brown.
Methi paratha is ready to serve.
Serve Hot with pickles.


Unknown said...

Yumm!!I love parathas!!Thanx for sharing the recipe..

Parita said...

Ah my confort food, i love this with curd and pickle!

Ann said...

Yummmyy and healthy

ARUNA said...

this is my favourite, i love methi paratha!!!

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

I love methi paratha too! Your looks lovely...

Hari Chandana P said...

woww.. healthy and delicious recipe.. nice click :)

Anonymous said...

sooo appetizing...

gtyuk said...

I love methi parottas,they look perfect!

Unknown said...

Thanks to everybody for Your Lovely companion with Lovely comments......

Unknown said...


i have tried your methi paratha...i turned out very nice!!do u hav recipe for capsicum potato gravy for chappathi



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