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Stir Fried Onion Stalk Recipe | Pyajkoli Bhaja Recipe | Bengali Recipe

After a long break I am here again to share some delicious recipes with you. Seasons are going on day by day.We mothers are also becoming very busy with our daily lifestyle. Really cannot realize how the times are passing away. From morning to night , a busy day begins and ends! I believe most of the mother will agree with me there is no time for us (mother) actually,you are busy because of your family. You cannot walk out from your responsibilities after all you are a mother,you are a wife of someone . To help them you are bound to stay for all time ! These all things are also happening with me. But I believe we all enjoy our responsibilities also when you see a smiling face of your family members to whom you love most. Friends winter season just left to us now we are enjoying a beautiful soothing Spring . Specially I miss my city in this time . Because I always fond of my childhood days and this was my favorite season as my exam being finished and we all means cousins were enjoyed a lot!!

Anyways friends I am going to be a nostalgic! Maa hope you remember I usually asked for this recipe from you as I love it very much. Its a time for simple easy recipe from bengali kitchen. Do you(all non-bengali friends) ever try onion stalk like this way? If no then try this definitely.
Its very easy and simple to prepare. Its less spicy and a seasonal vegetable so try this in winter season because its easily available fresh in winter-spring seasons. So lets try this very special seasonal recipe in some different way. But here is something very important to share with you that nowadays onion stalk is available for all seasons but these are not actually what I meant ! Onion stalk which we are usually use in chinese recipe this are very thin and this is spring onion . This you cannot use for this recipe , you should bring those onion stalk which have included onion flowers itself . I think image will clear your doubt. So make sure what you are going to buy !

Onion Stalk | Pyajkoli | Spring Onion

Now come to the point of health benefits of Onion stalk. Simply its really good source of B-complex vitamin . It gives you a good quantity of Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Vitamin K which is very good for bones and vitamin C which increase your immune power too. More and more its a green leafy vegetables so it contains iron, manganese and calcium.

Onion Stalk Recipe | Pyajkoli Bhaja | Stir Fried Spring Onion 

Ingredients :

1 bunch Onion stalk (cut into small pcs)
2 Potatoes Medium sized (Cut into small cubes)
2 Dry Red Chili broken
3/4 tsp Onion seeds / Kalonji / Kalo Jeera
3/4 Turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2 tbsp Mustard oil / Refined Oil

How to Cook :

  • Clean vegetables with running water.
  • Heat oil in frying Pan 
  • Add dry red chili and onion seeds.
  • Wait until it starts to splutter and red chili turns into black color.
  • Add potato cubes , a pinch of salt and turmeric powder.
  • Fry for a while.Stir occasionally.
  • Add onion stalk , adjust seasoning again and fry until it is not done.(Though onion stalk is not taking so much time to cook. it should be soft only)
  • Serve this dry curry with warm Rice-Dal or warm Ghee(clarified butter) - Rice .
Enjoy its just a mouthwatering Bengali Recipe.

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