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Microwave Tips - For Beginners

In Modern age microwave oven is the best way to cook easily. This is an electrical device which cooks with the help of Magnetic wave.  A contemporary device can cook very fast than normal gas stove too.It saves gas consumption with the minimum consumption of electricity. There are variety of Microwave ovens. You can choose as per your requirement too. It gives healthy and tasty foods within a few minutes.  But it is a basic level that How to use this device. To know more about Microwave oven read thoroughly this guide and start to cook . Your delicious way of cooking is waiting for you.
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What is Microwave oven?

Microwave oven is such a machine through which cooking is done by some high power Electromagnetic wave or radiation.

Advantage of Microwave oven?
  • Microwave oven cooks  food very fast.
  • Microwave oven cooked foods are healthy similar to normal cooking.
  • Microwave oven cooked foods are tasty too.
  • Microwave oven is very easy to clean.
  • Microwave oven cooks food with very little quantity oil.
  • In microwave oven food does not stuck onto the bottom level of the vessel.
  • In microwave cooking food does not burnt so fast.
  • There is no such irritation to stir continuously.
  • Microwave can cook starter items to desserts items.
Which Microwave Oven is Best?
There are available various kind of Microwave oven in the Market.But which is for you. It has to be decide by you only. Because each microwave oven has various functions. So for what purpose you are buying this microwave oven its up to you! Basically there are two types of microwave oven in the market. Like-

  • Combination Micro-Convection Oven.
  • Ordinary Microwave Oven.

Combination Micro-Convection Oven :
In this micro oven you will get the facility of micro as well as ordinary oven(gas oven).After cooking foods in microwave mode,foods can be make more crunchy,crispy and brownie by using convection and grill mode.

Ordinary Microwave Oven :
You can reheat food along with cooking. But you cannot roast or grill. Advantage of this micro oven it can crisp or refresh stale Chips,Biscuits, & Cornflakes within a min.

Warning while using Microwave  :
  • Always maintain to clean inside and outside walls of the oven,door,door seal,turntable, and roller ring.
  • Steam clean inside of the oven with vinegar or lemon juice in every 15 days.
  • To avoid damage in circuit , use door slowly to open and close.
  • When heating any dry foods, always be careful otherwise it can catch fire during heat.
  • Do not set microwave oven near to Television,Computer or Gas stove.
  • If food items catch fire, immediately open the plug from the electric board , make the oven cool first and then only open the door.
Suggestions/Tips :

Whenever you are going to buy Microwave Oven, It will be better that you buy only the Combination Oven that means which oven has the facilities of Microwave+Convection+Grill modes. Because with this kind of oven you can Cook,Roast and Grill or Tandoor .

In some recipes you need to cook with both combination simultaneously.  Like - to cook grilled chicken you need to use  both Micro+Grill mode.

600-900 W powerful Oven is useful in case of Indian Cooking.

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