Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friends , in Bangalore weather is getting cool . Sometimes rains are falling and night becomes relaxed and me too enjoying a sound sleep . Really I am feeling blessed when I can sleep properly ! And a rainy season means , evening treat with a cup of hot tea. A full fledged adda (gossip) with friends and some yummy snacks like home made jhal moori (try- masala moori ) along with fried snacks like Beguni, Aalur chop , Fuluri , Pyaji etc. These all are actually Kolkata snacks , in every gully (narrow lane) , you will get these in small shop. They are frying continuously and its getting sold out like hot cake . So friends I want share one of this fried item called beguni in Kolkata.

 Beguni - Esho Bosho Aahare

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I think it seems a long time has taken whereas I did not post any rice recipe . Yesterday night I prepared something scrumptious rice recipe which made our dinner just luscious . But trust me, there was not any planning to make it. I just boiled some chickpeas and was thinking what to do within short periods for dinner? An got the idea from my husband that "make that chickpeas pulao what you made once." And that's it. I prepared delicious Achaari Chickpeas Pulao . So thinking to share with you of-course .

Achaari Chole Pulav an exotic rice recipe from Punjab . A pickle flavored rice with chickpeas gives a special touch to your dinning ! I love pickle a lot. And if it is mixed with rice , then there is nothing else for enlightening me. Though as per my knowledge , the mango pickle paste is the secret ingredient of this delectable preparation, but I used mixed pickle here . So choice of pickle flavor is yours . And a special add on (Sahi garam masala) makes it perfect traditional delicacy like a style of Punjabi dhaba. Serve rice with any kind of raita.

Achaari Chole Pulao - Esho Bosho Aahare


Friday, May 6, 2016

Today sharing one more pure vegetarian recipe Taro Root Curry. In Bengali it is called Gathi Kochu r Dalna. It is a root vegetable . Basically it is good to taste with shrimp/prawn. But today's recipe is for pure vegetarian. Some people also like to cook using onion and ginger also. But I prefer without onion-ginger. Because I feel each vegetable has its own flavor, so if you cook it using few spices , it tastes better than using spices. My mother is my best chef I have seen in my life. Though it is true for every daughter also. Still I learned so many special tips from her, which made me perfect as a cook. She used to do this curry without onion ginger and that is why I follow her too. Thanks Maa !

Taro Root Curry - Esho Bosho Aahare

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Its a summer ! The most warmest season of the year. Bright and longer day make you exhausted ! Still I am a summer lover. I get much more energy in summer rather than monsoon and winter. The brighter sun makes me active for the all long day . Throughout the day you will be active if you take light foods and lots of drinks. Esho Bosho Aahare has a collection of various special summer cool drinks which are very exotic and traditional. It takes very nominal time to prepare using very common ingredients. In short some easy recipe of cool drinks are here for you. Try these all in this summer and keep yourself cool ! Lets have a fun with some chilled drinks !

Summer Drinks - Esho Bosho Aahare



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