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Bengali Thali

Namashte, to all my Readers. I want to share a Thali with you.Thali is a great concept of Indian foods.In thali concept,you can get a low cost full meal.In our country there is many more states which have a variety of tastes... as I am a Bengali girl,at first I want to share with you a bengali thali which has a delicious recipes in a full meal system... In Thali You will get both veg  and non-veg menus. In veg menus you will get Rice with one fried item that may be potato fry,eggplant fry or parwal fry,along this one green leafy fried,ghee,simple dal like masoor and moong is must one.With dal you one or two vegetables menus will be there like potato in poppy seeds,cabbage ghanto,cauliflower curry like these.And then one or two fishes menu of course,because bengali without Fish is just impossible!! In case of Fish menu one should be kalia(spicy curry) or bhapa(steamed) another will be simple fish curry you can say. Lastly they will serve chutney like Tomato or Raw-Mango Chutney.And above all one sweet item that is sweet curd or rashgolla is must.

A Rich Traditional combination will make your tummy heavy and fatty in figure. Ha ha ha...

So now check out the Bengali Thali .Hope you will enjoy it.

A Traditional Menu :
  1. Bhaat (Plain Rice)
  2. Ghee
  3. Begun Bhaja (Fried Brinjal/Fried Dish)
  4. Macher Maatha Diye Daal (Lentils with Fish Head)
  5. Patoler Dorma (Nesum Stuffed Curry)
  6. Ilish Bhapa (Steamed Hilsa)
  7. Rui Macher Kalia (Rohu Fish Curry)
  8. Chutney
  9. Papad Bhaja
For Begun Bhaja :
Ingredients :
  1. Begun(Brinjal)
  2. Turmeric Powder
  3. Salt
  4. Mustard Oil
Method :
Cut the begun(Brinjal) into big size in form of round shape.Rinse clearly,then add some salt to it and keep aside for half an hour.Put kadai on the stove,pour 2 cups of oil to it.when the oil becomes too hot,add some halud(Turmeric powder) ,mix with the begun very well and deep fry in oil till it does not become brown in color.

For Macher Maatha Diye Daal :
Ingredients :
  1. Head Portion Of Ruhi Fish(Rui Maacher Maatha)
  2. Moong Daal 2 cups
  3. Turmeric Powder 4 tsp
  4. Cumin seeds 1 tsp
  5. Whole Cardamom 2-3
  6. Whole Cinnamon 2-3
  7. Garam Masala
  8. Bay Leaf 2-3
  9. Whole Red Chili 2-3
  10. Ghee 2tsp
Method :
Cut into small pcs. head portion of Rui maach(300gm).Marinate it with salt and halud(Turmeric powder) for some times.After marination deep fry it in mustard oil.Keep aside.Take 2 cups of moong daal roast it for some times while it becomes light brown in color keep aside and wash it into the water .After that in pressure pour some water,2-3 tejpata,whole darchini and elaach with the moong daal and boiled in shimmer flame,when a whistle will come,remove the pressure from the stove.Then put some oil in a kadai,when oil becomes very hot add some whole red mirchi,sada jeera(cumin seeds).when it splatters,pour the steamed moong daal and fried macher maatha.Add some halud and salt to it.When it comes to boil add 2 tsp ghee and garam masala to it and remove from heat.

For Patoler Dorma (Nesum Dorma):
Ingredients :
  1. Patol 4-5
  2. Potatoes 2 Medium size
  3. Coconut (Grated) 6 tbsp
  4. poppy seeds(Posto dana) 3 tbsp
  5. Green Mirchi 4-5
  6. Cumin seeds 1tsp
  7. Mustard seeds 1 tsp
  8. Coriender leaves (Finely Chopped)
  9. Garam Masala (1/2 tsp)
  10. Turmeric Powder (1 tsp)
  11. Salt To taste
  12. Cumin Powder (Jeera powder) 2 tsp
  13. Red Chilli Powder 2 tsp
  14. Oil
  15. Besan (Gram flour) 4 tsp
  16. Onion seeds(kalo Jeera) 1 tsp
Method :
Peel of patols very well,cut two sides of patols.After that cut the middle part of patols in squre shape,remove the seeds from it and keep aside the cutting part.For stuffing mix grated coconut,posto dana,green chillies,cumin seeds,mustard seeds,coriender leaves,and salt.Grind it in a mixer.Put the little portion of stuff into the patol and cover it with the cutting portion andormal it with the besan batter.After the completion of this job fry the patol into oil with some turmeric powder and salt till it is light brown in color.Soak cumin powder,red chilli powder,turmeric powder in some water for some times.Cut potatoes in normal shape,fry it with turmeric powder and keep aside.After that heat 3 tsp oil in a kadai,add kalo jeera when it splutters,add soked masala gravy and wait till then oil is not separated from masala,add some water.When it is going to boil add fried patols and potatoes to it and cook for some times.Add garam masala,cover with a lid and put off the stove.

For Ilish Bhapa
Ingredients :
  1. Big size Hilsha fish(Ilish maach) 2 pcs.
  2. Mustard seed 3 tbsp
  3. Cumin seeds 1tsp
  4. Turmeric Powder 3 tsp
  5. Red chilli powder 2 tsp
  6. 2-3 green chillis
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Mustard Oil
  9. Coriender leaves(Finely chopped)
Method :
Marinate ilish maach with turmeric powder and salt for some times.Grind mustard seeds,cumin seeds,green chillis .Use the juice of mixture only.Heat oil in a kadai, fry Ilish maach but lightly.Add the juice into kadai,add red chilli powder,turmeric powder,salt to taste and cover it with a lid.Steamed for 2 mins.Add chopped coriender leaves and 2 spoons raw mustard oil to it.And Ilish Bhapa is ready.

Rui Macher Kalia
Ingredients :
  1. Rui maach 2 pcs.
  2. Onion 1 pcs. (Finely chopped)
  3. Garlic paste 1 tsp.
  4. Ginger paste 1 tsp.
  5. Onion seeds 1/2 tsp.
  6. Cumin powder 2 tsp.
  7. Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
  8. Green chilli 2 pcs.(break into 2)
  9. Turmeric powder 2 tsp
  10. Oil
  11. Salt to taste
  12. Sugar 1/2 tsp.
Methods :
Marinate rui maach with Turmeric powder and salt for some times.Soak cumin powder,red chilli powder and turmeric powder into the water. Heat oil into a kadai and deep fry the fishes.keep aside.Add some onion seeds,when it becomes to splutter,add green chillies,ginger and garlic paste and sugar to bring color red to it and cook for some times after that add chopped onion to it and cook for some times then add soaked masala and cook untill the oil is not seperated.Add little water and cook for 5 mins then add fishes to it and cook until it becomes gravy.Rui Maacher kalia is ready.

Chatni(Tomato) :
Ingredients :
  1. Tomatoes 2 medium size (chopped into 5-6 pcs.)
  2. Mustard Seeds 2 tsp.
  3. Sugar 4 tsp. spoons
  4. Little salt(1 pinch)
  5. Whole Red chili(break into 2)
  6. Oil
  7. Roasted Cumin seeds and saunf (1/2 spoon)
Method :
Heat oil in a kadai,add mustard seeds and red chilli to it.When it becomes Spultter add tomatoes and cook for a while ,when it becomes soft add sugar and salt.Cook for some times add some water,cover with a lid and cook for some times.Spread roasted cumin and saunf powder.Tomato chatni is ready.

Now your Bengali Thali is Served.


Unknown said...

This looks so delectable. wish i could have some. i love bengali foods a lot

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This looks seriously fantastic! I would feel great eating this!
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