Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foodieblogroll + Likelii = Earn More Revenue

Hello Friends Good evening to all of you. Today sharing some value added blog post which will help you to increase your earning revenue from your blogspot. It is really Interesting .

We the foodies are really Thankful to Foodieblogroll . They give us so lovely opportunity to earn revenue in return of our creations and hard works.  I think it is a great news for all foodie bloggers who are already approved by Foodieblogroll. But Dearies This is not the last.There are much more things to do with Foodieblogroll.

On 29th January 2013 I got one email from Foodieblogroll team. In that email there was an invitation to join some Likelii program. After go through that email I came to know that they are inviting me to join in there partner program Likelii.
The email content was like -

"Dear Nabanita,

The Foodie Blogroll has partnered with to bring you an additional guaranteed revenue generating opportunity as well as to give you great content – what goes better with food than wine – to increase your reader engagement.

The folks at Likelii and our team would like to invite you to participate in the launch of this new program....

...   ...  ..."

I thought it may be fruitful to me also... so,I joined the same Then what? Its really works... I am earning much better from this partner program.
And after reviewing the feedback of 1 and 1/2 months friends I want to share this one... may be you will get some benefits too. Some of you may know this also.

Ok now wait for a moment... first of all I want to explain for those who are really very new in this Food related blog world. 
I will suggest those Foodie bloggers who have very new entry in this creative world. Please enroll with Foodieblogroll. Before sign up for Foodieblogroll please verify these certain things :

  1. Your site must be a blog.
  2. Your blog must be at least 1 month old with regularly updated in the past month.
  3. Your blog must have at least 5 entries.
  4. Your blog must be at least 75% food related post.
That's all... you will be eligible for Foodieblogroll. Once they give approval, place the Foodieblogroll widget code in the side bar of your blog. Next step will be verification...And last but not the least once verified you will be eligible for the Publisher program also.

Now What about Publisher Program ? What it is?

Ans.In publisher program you are allowing to advertiser to place there ads in your Blogs. If any visitors gets interest on that ads and click on it, you will get some revenue from the advertiser cost of advertisement. So clicks revenue vary upon the advertisement cost.
So the good thing is for the publishers that they are the beneficial.

In Publisher program we are earning money. Though it depends on your quality content of the blogposts. Who do not want to earn more and more through honest way. This is an additional guaranteed revenue generating opportunity.

Now over to Likelii : Likelii monetize your blog by providing an auto generating wine recommendation widgets which is shown left side of my blog sidebar. No need to do any hard job.It will appear once you enroll through your Foodieblogroll account. You will find this Option in the right side bar of Foodieblogroll account under Partners Programs .

Likelii program comes with a revenue guarantee of $0.80 CPM .

  1. Log into Foodieblogroll Account.
  2. After log in on the same page you will see "Likelii : wine recommendation widget" under the Partner Programs Box on the right side bar.
  3. Click on the "Likelii : wine recommendation widget".
  4. And click on enroll Button.
  5. Now within 24 hrs. likelii widget will appear under the foodieblogroll widget.
  6. Your likelii earning will be shown separately under site earnings. 

To Know More 

Click Here

Friends still if you are not getting to see any enroll button under settings option of  Likelii widget then go for one suggestion - you can mail to support[at] Ask them that You want to join Likelii partner Program . So How to join Likelii.

"Best Of Luck To All Of You"


Unknown said...

Useful post dear...

Todays Recipe : Coconut / Thengai Chutney

Unknown said...

Really sweet of you dear to explain things so well, i did apply to foodie blog roll and they really did not respond to me, so planning to do it again all beacuse of you :)congrats on your success

Unknown said...

Thanks Tamilarasi and Priya... yes it will work... I am getting too...

virunthu unna vaanga said...

Thank u Nabanita for the useful post... Very sweet of u to share this...

Unknown said...

Though iam into blogging for the past 10 months never thought of generating revenue. Thanks for sharing this Nabanita

Priya Satheesh said...

So sweet of u dear...very useful post... Tried but not able to see Enroll..wat to do?

Unknown said...

Thanks Vijaya and Swasthi...

To Priya Sateesh,
Priya you will find it under partner program box on the right hand side bar of your foodieblogroll account... still u get probs... mail me.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Useful post dear.



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