Thursday, December 20, 2012

Orange Jelly

Today I prepared a kids special Jelly. According to Definition - Jelly means a soft semisolid food substance with resilient consistency,made by the setting of a liquid containing gelatin or by addition of gelatin to a liquid, especially such a substance made of fruit juice containing pectin boiled with sugar -Source

Jelly is very common name in Kids choice. Nowadays Jelly is easily available in market place too. But anything if you make it at your home its much better. Because you do not know that mineral water or any good brands are using or not! That is very important. So always try to prepare at home. Specially for kids.
So as per my son Jelly is under the top list of Foods. So I took the chance to prepare at home. And for the Christmas season its very perfect. So one easy kids recipe for you.

Ingredients :

Orange Juice with pulp 2 cups
Sugar as much you need (based on the sweetness of the orange) (I took 1 and1/2 cups)
Water  1 cup
Gelatin 4 tsp
Orange essence 1/2tsp
Orange Food Color  2 drops (optional : I did not use)

Method :

Put 1/2 cup water in a pan.
Add sugar to it.stir until sugar dissolves.
Add Orange pulp and juice to it.
Stir until all mix up well.
Take another bowl,pour 1/2 cup hot water.
Add gelatin,Mix until dissolve.
Add the mixture to the orange syrup.Mix well.
It will be little sticky sticky.
Pour into moulds.Put into refrigerators.
Set it for 2-3 hrs.

Serve chill with ice creme or your desired fruit pulp or custard.

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Unknown said...

colorful jelly and tempting.thanks for linking.

Divya A said...

Super colorful jellies dear :) Feel like grabbing them :)
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Asiya Omar said...

Looks YUMMY..

Reva said...

Looks cute..yummy..

virunthu unna vaanga said...

its yummy dear...
looks yummy dear...
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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Looks yummy !!!
Shruti Rasoi
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Unknown said...

Colorful and yummy jelly

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Super delightful and colourful jelly recipe for me.
Have a happy weekend.

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Deepthi KR said...

Thank you for the wonderful entry to
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