Friday, February 20, 2009

Vada Pav

Street Foods The ultimate name of Food Lovers. Nobody is there who are not love Street Foods. Street Foods Yumm whenever I am thinking about My Mouth is watering. Shopping without street foods in one words "its not possible!". Who is saying that I don not like Street foods. I must say somehow he/she is saying lie. As we know also that Street foods are not a healthy food of course. Still we are Loving it. It has a different taste I feel so. In that way For each States in India, They have different different street foods items. All differs from each other too. How much I am aware I will share definitely with you all.

Now In Maharashtra they have so many street foods I have seen. In those Vada Pav is a famous one. I love this too. Here bread/Pav is serving with one Vada/Fritters. Usually the Fritters are made with potatoes and some spices. And fritters are putting inside the Pav/Bread as I shown in my blog image. In one byte you have to eat both fritters and bread as well as. I know its tasty also. With tea it goes very well. Or you can eat it as a snacks item also. So this is the recipe of homemade Vada Pav. Hope you will Like it. So check Out the Recipe.

Ingredients :
For vada :
Boiled Potatoes 2 big size
Green chillies 2 (chopped)
Coriender leaves (Finely chopped)
Pudina pata(Finely chopped)
Besan 2 cups
Sahi garam masala (1/2 spoons)
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Salt to taste
Water for batter
Oil to Deep fry
Methods :
Make batter with besan,red chilli powder,salt and water.
Smashed the potatoes very well,as there is no lumps.Add chopped green chillis,coriender leaves,pudina leaves,sahi garam masala,salt to taste.Make a dough with it and shape like a vada.Heat oil into a pan.Dip vada into the besan batter and deep fry.Vada is ready.
For Pav :
Here pav means fresh baked bun/bread
Vada is folded into a fresh baked bun along with a handful of chillies and served.

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